SHOOTING - Famous in NY specializes in filming small live events - concerts, cabarets, workshops, panels, auditions, and anything else you'd like captured. We use HD cameras and video tripods to capture your event in crystal clear 1080p HD. We can shoot your event using up to 3 cameras (venue permitting). We also use high quality shotgun mics to get excellent stereo room sound. If you're interested in incorporating the audio from the soundboard into the video footage, that is possible as well. (Each venue has a different process for obtaining that soundboard recording so you may have to procure it separately, but if you have it, we can work with it.) 

EDITING - Whether it's footage we've shot, or existing footage you need help with, we edit video for youtube, create promotional reels and trailers, DVDs with chapters and menus, and any other editing you might need.

FAMOUS IN NY PRESENTS - Our new service we've launched to help performers get great footage on youtube, along with vocal coaching, and performance opportunities. Read more about this new program here

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​We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!